Saturday, June 18, 2011

just a sec

earth's rise and fall
a beat for us all
we cannot hear any longer

before we are born
technical waves do adorn
and change the face of what we are

in the womb we are hindered
instincts are surrendered
we are born unable to hear

before we become
it's altered- it's done
 a fact of modern society

ancient man came to be
they could smell, taste, and see
they could hear the earth's heart beat

we consider ourselves better
far superior in matters
while we ignore the house we live in

we can't see we can't hear
it's all very clear
the very things we love has changed us.

We live unaware
when we know we should care
but who has time to think or change

Schedules abound
 and turn us around
 until we are retarded in form

If only we'd stop
if only we'd stop
and say - just a sec- let's listen...

listen hard listen long
home is where you belong
don't shit on the ground you lay down on.

Stop for minute
silence- you're in it
-and say, "just a sec"- and listen.

6/2011- janey
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