Saturday, March 3, 2018

New Paintings

First to come,
acrylic Original Painting by Janey McKeever 2017
 March 2nd, 2018

 Happy Full Moon!
 The first of 2 this month of March, as I have learned.
Our last full moon was wonderful, and I snapped these pics to celebrate. :)

Hello! Brightest Blessings!

Mosaic Man,acrylic Original Painting by Janey McKeever 2017
Overlook the Garden, acrylic Original Painting by Janey McKeever 2017
New tidings have come and gone, and it's been some time. Many many things have occurred and changed. I am now finding myself with time; and with that-a need to rest, relax and express.

So,  I began by painting. Then, searching for more canvases and more paintcans, and more brushes; as I could not find enough. Painting. Asking the canvas and materials what it had to tell, finding stories I never knew were there, sharing more than I ever planned.
Maya Blue,acrylic Original Painting by Janey McKeever 2017
Hermoinie, acrylic Original Painting by Janey McKeever 2017

Fly away, acrylic Original Painting by Janey McKeever 2017
Things have changed, I have changed; but, the heart remains true and each are an expression of thinking it all through.
Loving each stroke like a breathe of fresh air. It's how I de-stress and survive what's out there.

Not sure, but perhaps I can surprise and bring a smile to another face! With all my love, here are a few new paintings and expressions to enjoy. let me know what you like. Love and Light to you all.- Janey, 
Janey, Janey Designs, Artist 1/31/18
-Janey Designs, 2017
Showtime,acrylic Original Painting by Janey McKeever 2017

So in Love, Unchained series #1,
acrylic Original Painting by Janey McKeever 2017
A day,
acrylic Original Painting by Janey McKeever 2017

Giverney countryside musings-
 acrylic, Original Painting by Janey McKeever 2017

 Dragonfly Light
-acrylic, Original Painting and Art by Janey McKeever 2017

Granny's. acrylic
, Original Painting by Janey McKeever

acrylic Original Painting by Janey McKeever 2017

Cassie Waits,
acrylic Original Painting by Janey McKeever 2017
The Circle, acrylic, Original Painting by Janey McKeever 2017

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Solstice! Merry Litha!


Sweep it behind
sweep it below
bind the past
and let it go
sweep the tide
of emotion through
and move forward
to what hope
waits for you.
The longest day
to renew
to make
a dream
for future times.
sweep away
the dusty tide
and move the flow
to renew
to bless
do not regress
you deserve
far more than that.
Love where you are at.
love who you are.

Merry Meet and Merry part.
Brightest Blessings with open heart.

-Janey McKeever 2013

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

Resurrecting Silent Wind Chimes

Wire Art- Resurrecting Silent Wind Chimes

Playing with wire, as I stated before,  is my way of relaxing at times.

In two instances recently, I'd discovered old chimes that could not sing anymore.To me that is a travesty! Chimes are meant to sing! I love them.  They just needed a little loving, a bit of wire, and a clapper that will last a lifetime- the most beautiful sounding chimes now ring! Yay! Music to my ears!

With this second set, I revamped the entire chime, using only the tubes from an old one that was poorly designed- looked pretty but it did not ring at all.
My first attempt from scratch, a fantastic learning experience!  I'm not afraid to try!
 Hand sewn wind catcher, a rock for a clapper- they sing again.

They sometimes get crooked I'll admit-I most likely need to thread them a different way.... but they now sing with the wind- and that's just fine by me. :) Happy chimes again.

Playin with wire

Over the Weekend I played a bit with the wire again; came up with a bouncy kid, a sitter and a nosy, happy man...LOL. I play with the wire while my husband plays guitar - a way we both relax.

Original Wire Art sculptures by Janey A. McKeever - all in fun.

June 2013

Happy Man                                                              The Sitter

Bouncy child                                                

And finally I must contend with my jealous cat, who does not like to see the camera pointed at anything else besides himself- King Edward. Ha!

I still have to get the wire on to wood- but they are a fun way to pass the day without stress and worry.

Happy week everyone! - Janey

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Four Winds Wire Sculpture

Four Winds Wire Sculpture

Original Stainless Steel Wire Hanging Sculpture, by Janey A. McKeever 

 April 2013


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Trojan Horse

Breast Cancer's Trojan Horse

Breast Cancer Trojan Horse
Original Acrylic by Janey A. McKeever 

October 22, 2012

I was thinking about the whole breast cancer issue when I painted this- I was riled up and pissed off over political issues of that day  (Mitt Romney had said, "No one dies of breast cancer anymore") - so, I came up with this original. Then my hubby came out and said, "oh look, a horse!" .....LOL! So, I thought- 'perfect! the "Breast Cancer's Trojan Horse".'  ...and there it is...