Friday, August 27, 2010


In the aspens
I can hear them breathe
Sighing within the lightest breeze
Shimmering a dance
Amongst the trees
We are one
I stand still and tremble
They speak within the slightest air
Whispers in the silence
Quaking a message of love and care
We are one
Their strength resounds upon the hill
The tiniest touch upon the white bark
Can shine with purity and the hope
A brilliance of strength it does empart
We are one
Rising from the depths of dark
First From ashes do they reach
With the will and strength of the phoenix
They move to grow, and darkness breach!
Oh mother earth,
 They softly sound
We are one
We  all abound
Blessed be this lonesome start
Rising from the centuries old
Their breathe I hear
 It's message is bold!
 We are one
As I stand, and grow to be
Thank you, mother,for allowing me to see
I have come to stand amongst these trees
 Oh blessed be, for I can hear them breathe!
We are one
Original poetry By Janey McKeever
January 2009
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