Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Spring!

A moment of hope
equal days to equal nights
a hope for equal
throughout our lives.
Shining bright
like the morning sun
nature takes a breathe
the winter is done
If only
if only
we'd listen.
In our house
let's tell our children!
Let's do the same!
tell the men and the women!
tell the town, and the city streets!
Equal equal
are our heart beats!
equal are the eyes that see
each other for what we ought be.
loving caring
accepting giving
living together
no hate- just winning!
tell the county!
tell the state!
run and shout !
equality Makes
a better life
for every one!
run run! tell all you can
judge not a single woman or man!
take lessons while you can
 and make a change!
If only
If only
 we'd listen.
-Janey McKeever 2013

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